Data Means Business

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Level up your organisation
to adapt, evolve and scale in an ever-changing world

Using Data to guide decision making builds stronger, more adaptable organisations that can thrive in a rapidly changing world

Embedding a pragmatic, data-guided culture in any organisation can be a challenge. This comprehensive guide for leaders sets out a proven framework for developing the mindset and strategies required to generate value from data and to scale quickly. Jargon-free and packed with practical advice, Data Means Business can help you activate your data to generate growth.

Read this book to discover how to:

  • Create the change momentum and narrative 
  • Educate and inspire your organisation on the transformative power of data 
  • Leverage start-up strategies to deliver business growth
  • Define an adaptable data strategy focused on business outcomes
  • Build cross-functional teams to develop value-generating data products
  • Deliver successful data management practices
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Podcast with the authors out now!

Data Means Business: the story behind the bestselling book for business leaders, with Jason Foster and Barry Green

Jason Foster, host of the Hub & Spoken podcast, and Barry Green, CDO, were looking to give leaders the tools they needed to start changing the narrative on data and have it focused on what really matters – economic, business, organisational and societal outcomes.

In this episode, they discuss the book, the process they went through to go from the gem of an idea to a published best selling book, why they felt there was a gap for this kind of book, along with  some of the key topics, concepts and frameworks.



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Jason Foster

Jason is a business leader and entrepreneur. He has helped thousands of people to understand and activate their data in order to achieve business value

Barry Green 

Barry has worked as a chief data officer in multiple organisations and is passionate about championing the need for innovative data leadership.  

Between them the authors have decades of experience in defining and delivering data strategies
with a mission to improve the way we think about the role of data in business

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